Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  1. Where can I get information about this Smartbees Portal package? How do I apply?
    You may log on to our website at or
    call us at (603) 9056 4835 for more information.

  2. If I am facing any website and technical problems, who do I contact?
    You may email to our support. During your subscription period our support is for FREE.

  3. How long is the subscription period?
    It is valid for 12 months, starting from the date of approval.

  4. Can I use Smartbees Portal offline?
    No. You cannot use Smartbees Portal offline, unless you choose another package which is SJKC Courseware .

  5. I have 2 kids who are studying in Standard 1 and Standard 5. Do I need to subscribe in 2 seprate application forms? And how much I do need to pay?
    You only need to fill up 1 application form and pay RM388 only to enjoy 6 standards of e-Revision and 5 learning zones.

  6. When can I get my ID and Password after I subscribed?
    We will send you the ID and Password through your email or SMS. (Please make sure your email address is activated.)




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